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Our solutions

Grounded in the science of behavioral economics, our flexible and customizable solutions are proven to spark a change in behavior and deliver measurable results for your business.

One size does not fit all

Every business is different and every business leader has different goals. Attract and retain great employees. Provide growth and training opportunities. Increase sales revenue. Launch a new product or reinvigorate a stalling one. Build a following of loyal brand ambassadors. (Or all of the above.)

That’s why our solutions are built to change with you over time. They’re designed on a solid foundation of communications, training, rewards and measurement to engage your audience and keep them focused on the immediate needs of your business.

This flexible yet proven framework means that as your goals change or grow, so do our solutions.

  • Communicate

    Build awareness and drive action.

  • Train

    Increase knowledge and develop skills.

  • Reward

    Engage emotionally and drive focus.

  • Measure

    Track behaviors and report progress.

Designed with people in mind

The solutions we create need to inspire the people who matter most to your business – your employees, sales teams, channel partners and customers. To do that, they’re built to align with the way people behave. Behavioral economics tells us that while we like to believe we are rational beings and make decisions based on reason – that’s not true at all. In fact, 77% of human decision-making is driven by emotion alone.


So how do we tap into that and create an emotional connection with our solutions? By getting attention through vivid communications and inspiring rewards. By maintaining focus through nudges, strategic goal-setting and data visualization. And by delivering measurable business results through built-in analytics and tracking.

Solutions for every need

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