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Our Associates

What's it like to work at BI WORLDWIDE? For starters, we take these things to heart. Work hard, play hard, celebrate. Make work meaningful. Magnify successes.

But don't take our word for it - hear from some of our associates below.

Jessie Knox: Senior Art Director

My day is fast-paced and packed with creative opportunities for a wide variety of clients. I create brochures, direct mail pieces, interactive solutions, posters and other display items. I collaborate with a team of creative individuals and bring ideas to life! On and off the job, I’m passionate about anything related to organization. I love nothing more than to open up a closet and have things in order.

Benjamin Kjos: Associate Creative Director

As a member of the BI WORLDWIDE Media Team, I work as a copywriter to support Art Directors, Creative Directors, Producers and Production Artists with ideation, research, scripting—and of course—writing! One day it’s looking at a print and digital campaign as a whole and the next I’m editing commas on a postcard. Every day I look at what I’m writing and say, “Would I want to read this?” If I’m doing my job well, the answer is “Yes!”

Joel Schou: Director, Technology Solutions Group

As a Front-End Web Developer, I explore and implement the best web technologies. My team is constantly looking for ways to make our products easier to use and more engaging for our customers. After more than a decade of building web sites, I can say that there has never been a more interesting time to engage the world through the web—and BI WORLDWIDE is a great place to do it.

Drew Marquesen: Marketing Strategist, Customer Engagement Group

The best part about working at BIW is I get to work on so many different solutions for so many different clients across so many different industries. That, and the people here are amazing!  Each opportunity I work on brings together a diverse set of people with varying backgrounds and experiences to craft solutions that inspire people and deliver results.  As a Marketing Strategist in our Customer Engagement Group, I’m responsible for creating the strategy, developing the solution and crafting the pitch to our clients.  I lead my clients and internal teams through our design process all the way to execution. Once our solution is in the market, I’m their lockstep as the strategist to evolve our solution and adapt to the ever-changing and ever-challenging customer lifecycle.

David Fredrickson: Award Delivery Manager, Recognition Solutions

As a part of the Merchandising Team, I work to manage all of our clients' programs post-sale.  I set-up and manage online merchandise and service anniversary platforms, work with our vendors and internal teams to maintain merchandise, and ensure prompt delivery to recipients. I love how devoted everyone is in providing our clients with the best possible experience.  Everyone truly cares about, and takes pride in, the work we do. I am a part of providing our clients with world-class programs. We make sure that well-deserved awards and merchandise arrive to recipients, events, meetings, etc. on time.

Lori Randle: Team Leader, Brand Merchandising

My day is built around sourcing appropriate branded merchandise solutions for our customers. Our solutions range from custom-designed products to complete merchandise collections. We reinforce our customer's message and brand with employees, customers, and distributors. The best part of my job is finding that one perfect piece of merchandise that fulfills my customer needs.

Kyle Groves: Learning Strategy Director, Learning & Engagement

I work with customers to craft a unique strategic direction for their learning and engagement solutions and then we implement it! I enjoy working at BI WORLDWIDE because I love meeting with customers, coming up with a great plan and seeing it through. Also, I like wearing shorts in the office in the summer. My role affects our clients because learning is something that every company needs, and it's usually a part of everything we do. Having done this for more than 20 years means I bring a level of expertise and personal connection that is valuable internally and with our customers. I love it!

Nerita Sung: Customer Technology Specialist, Technology Solutions Group

As a Customer Technology Specialist at BI WORLDWIDE, I have a variety of responsibilities such as data verification, report generation and data troubleshooting. The best part of my role is being the first person to see and use our client's websites during testing, in order to create the best user experience. I love working at BIW. My role is full of challenges as our clients are in various industries. They each have enough unique requirements and target audiences so that no two work days are alike.

Brandon Campbell: Team Lead, Senior Event Registration Manager, Participant Management, Event Solutions

I am a true believer in the culture at BI WORLDWIDE. From the top of the organization to the bottom, everyone aligns themselves with the company’s core values. The associates on my team are typically the first point of contact for the participants that attend the events within Event Solutions, so it is imperative that we provide them with a quintessential top-tier customer service experience. Whether it is a hotel date change or a dietary request, we are here to assist our customers’ needs. “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” and the power of collaboration is what allows us to deliver successful events!

Derek Fessler: Business Development Director, Denver Office

Working as a BDD at BI WORLDWIDE, I get to really dive in to my customer’s business issues. What is it that they want their people to do? That could be their employees, their salespeople, channel partners or customers. Once we determine the behavior we want to change, I lead the BIW team to design and execute the initiative. There is no greater feeling to see the lives we have changed with one of our programs. That could be a participant taking his family to Hawaii or a client getting promoted. I’m personally invested in every client’s business. In my 15 year career at BIW, I’m still having the time of my life!

Mindy Vint: Account Manager, Client Services

As an account manager, I serve as the point person between the client and our internal business units. I am responsible for ensuring innovative solutions are executed in a timely and effective manner. BIW has given me the opportunity to work with intelligent, driven employees in a positive, motivating environment. In my years at BIW, I’ve seen impactful growth to my career and I look forward to the years to come.

Dawn Elling: Account Supervisor, Technical Vertical Team, Client Services

As an Account Supervisor, I serve as the primary day-to-day contact for my Client account team and the BIW internal business units and global teams. I am responsible for leading the delivery of our global solution and ensure the agreed upon solution is executed within budget and timeline.  Keeping everyone on track and moving in the direction to meet our clients goals is a huge part of my job.  I’ve worked with many great people and have learned from every one of them in my tenure at BIW.

Jorge Gomez: Software Engineer, Event Technology

The web is an ever changing landscape, pushing the boundaries of technology. My job is to ride the wave and keep up with the latest trends by building engaging, modern websites to deliver to our customers. It is both challenging and exciting to constantly grow in such a fast paced environment and BI WORLDWIDE allows me to explore and experiment to create the best possible products that I can.

Katie Corgiat: Solution Architect, Technology Solutions Group

Why BIW? Excellent opportunities for professional growth, innovative and passionate coworkers, approachable leadership, a clear corporate vision and identity, and an office culture unlike any other…YOU can make a difference here. I work directly with external clients and alongside BIW’s senior sales management to sell superior technology solutions for our customers. Another primary responsibility involves providing product management for all platform-related technologies utilized to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Troy Grengs: Area Director, Client Services Delivery

I’ve been at BI WORLDWIDE for 22 years and have done everything from customer service, to product development, to management. This is a fun, forward-thinking company with opportunities for career growth. We are a big and global company with a small company culture. We deeply care about each other, our customers and community. I’m proud to say I work here!

We take summer seriously.

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