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Business Builder

Want to take your channel marketing to the next level? You’ve come to the right place. Business Builder is a game-changing solution that engages, inspires and motivates channel sales reps like never before — all while leveraging your channel spend.

Build better channel programs. Drive more activity.

Your channel marketing makes or breaks your business.

If you want to take it to the next level, the same old tools just aren’t going to cut it.

You need something bigger and better — a solution that delivers focused, personalized and targeted content on a regular basis. 

         Business Builder On laptop and mobile

Introducing Business Builder.

Different users. Different views. One solution.

Business Builder’s highly customizable framework allows for precise segmentation. We deliver filtered, relevant content to a wide range of user groups, including:

  • VPs of Channel Marketing
  • Administrators
  • Regional Sales Reps
  • Distributors
  • Dealer Principles
  • Dealer Sales Reps

Precise segmentation means your users will always get exposed to relevant content that matters to them, such as:

  • Dashboards
  • Communications
  • Promotions
  • Goals

But we don’t stop there. We can further segment by region, product sales, tiers and size because relevant content leads to real engagement.


Make the most of every dollar. 

Business Builder is an all-in-one centralized hub that makes the most of every dollar you spend on channel marketing, including rebates and incentives.

Click here to see how Business Builder maximizes your investment to take your channel engagement to the next level. 

No more wasted resources. No more apathy among your channel partners. 

Here's a snapshot of Business Builder's Performance Framework

  • Audience Management

    Business Builder allows administrators to precisely segment audiences, manage users and content, and create compelling program scorecards.

  • Automated Processes

    Many features of Business Builder are automated, including file processing and data exchanges, sales claims reporting and subscription-based reporting.

  • Communication

    Completely control how information is shared with your audience. Create automated messages, distribute custom marketing materials and align Business Builder with your marketing plan.

  • Data Visualization

    See how your channel reps are performing with custom dashboards, user activity tracking, heat maps, payout calculators and leaderboards.

  • Engagement Tools

    Continuously engage your audience in compelling ways with Promotion Builder to create your own customized promotions with an array of reward options.

Ready to take your channel programs to the next level?

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