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You entrust your brand to the channel partners who represent it. Motivate them to put your brand first. GoalQuest® is the world’s only patented sales incentive design with proven results that drives incremental sales with dealers, distributors, wholesalers and agents.

Use the power of goal-setting to drive incremental sales.

Relying on channel partners for sales requires relinquishing some control but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and hope for the best. Your brand isn’t the only one your channel partners are representing. Gain a competitive edge with a powerful tool designed to position your brand as their number one choice.

GoalQuest is the only patented sales incentive design on the market and it’s available exclusively through BI WORLDWIDE.

Here’s what sets GoalQuest apart:

  • Self-selected goals. In order to participate in the incentive program, users must select a goal. This increases accountability and motivation — plus it gives users the sense of being in control of their own performance.
  • Focus. Participants receive a weekly “progress-to-goal” email highlighting performance. This helps keep users on track and keeps your brand top-of-mind.
  • Segmentation. GoalQuest segments your channel partners into groups based on similar levels of productivity. This levels the playing field and sets the stage for goals that are appropriately ambitious and attainable. Without segmentation, one goal has to fit everyone. That leaves top performers without adequate motivation and lower-level performers feeling frustrated. Not with GoalQuest.
  • Real rewards. Of course, achieving self-selected goals is satisfying, but why not sweeten the deal with compelling, tangible rewards?

If you don’t take the initiative to stand out with your channel partners, your competition will. Research shows that GoalQuest programs consistently out-perform other incentive platforms.

Let’s show your channel partners that you mean business.

See what GoalQuest can do for you.

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