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Auction Bucks

Drive education, awareness, trial and sales with a fun and rewarding program that elicits results with customers, potential customers and even employees. 

Customer Engagement Auction Bucks 

Up the ante for a priceless payoff.

Engagement has never been so rewarding. Auction Bucks is a currency-based reward system designed to foster engagement by creating a sense of urgency and competition to generate anticipation and excitement. The result? Repeat brand encounters and social sharing.

We can help you incorporate this unique, engaging component into any promotion. Sales competition for your employees? Use Auction Bucks to turn it into a friendly (yet highly productive) competition. Interactive PR stunt? Draw a crowd and create a buzz with Auction Bucks. 

The versatility of an Auction Bucks campaign extends to:

  • Engagement format. Participants can earn Auction Bucks currency in a myriad of ways, including quizzes, polls, surveys and watching videos.
  • Reward structure. Auction Bucks can take the form of sweepstakes, giveaways or on-the-spot prizes.
  • Duration. An Auction Bucks promotion can be as quick as a one-time, standalone event or it can be part of an extended series of campaigns. Either way, users engage with the platform for much longer than a traditional promotion. That’s because they’re motivated by gaming principles to earn more and — more importantly — learn more.  

Let’s draw attention to your brand in the best possible way. 

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