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Call Center Concierge (C3)

Your call centers are moving your business forward – behind the scenes. The daily grind of training, phone calls, troubleshooting and selling is in a state of constant change. We’ll help you improve your call center performance so you can maximize your results. 

Raising the bar for call centers.

Call centers are the lifeblood of profitability. Stakes are high - call center reps are directly responsible for customer retention, sales, customer service and many other vital processes. In other words, they’ve got to be great at what they do.

But call center environments are far from simple. The sheer number of centers, managers and representatives spread across a wide geographic area make for a daunting task. Even more challenging is the fact that each call center has its own culture and set of issues to resolve. Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all approach simply will not work.

The unique factors of a call center environment demand a customized, high-touch approach in order to create real change. Our Call Center Concierge (C3) is an engagement and reward strategy designed to drive education, excitement and sales. C3 leverages the power of one-on-one, unbiased coaching to streamline communication and empower call center representatives to perform at their highest level.

C3 is a valuable tool to help any call center address a variety of business challenges, including:

  • Sales
  • Customer retention
  • New product launches
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee morale
  • Training

The C3 model is a completely unique approach because it places an unbiased non-employee directly into the call center environment. This face-to-face interaction provides invaluable support that helps reps cut through the chaos of their daily duties.

Once embedded in the call center environment, the Call Center Concierge works to gather and streamline information to be packaged and delivered to representatives in a consistent and relevant way through newsletters, blog posts, cheat sheets and interactive games. On a daily and weekly basis, the C3 assesses the needs of the call center representatives and responds with refreshed solutions that align with the overall strategy and goals.

Let’s conquer your challenges and raise the bar on call center performance.