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Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is the modern day combination of behavioral psychology and economic decision-making. BI WORLDWIDE uses behavioral economics to help our customers improve their results by changing attitudes and behaviors.

How do you change behavior when emotion trumps reason?

How do you truly engage a member of your team, your customers or channel partners? Do you call on experience? Emotion? Expertise? No. You call on science. Behavioral economics, to be exact.

We use analytics, learning, goal setting, communications, awards and measurement to validate the positive impact that the proper application of Behavioral economics can create.

Research shows that designing incentive programs and setting goals using the principles of behavioral economics will increase the rate of achievement and improve overall performance.

Here's how it works.

  • Design a campaign that engages. Reward behaviors, then achievements, then results.
  • Engage correctly. Nudge from knowing it to feeling it to doing it.
  • Use visual scorecards. Be graphic and dramatic.
  • Reach out. Simply, frequently and with relevance.
  • Pick the right rewards. Reward a person who continues to move up and so will your results.

Next time, don’t leave your team’s behavior to chance. Leave it to science. The unique science of behavioral economics.

Let us help you build a competitive program that drive focus, teach new behaviors, report on progress and reward for improvement. Let us help you understand how behavioral economics can unlock a variety of new activities that lead to results.

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