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Serving up sweet inspiration to invigorate a classic brand

International Dairy Queen turned to BI WORLDWIDE to inspire a unifying culture and create authentic motivation with an award-winning design at their transformed headquarters.

International Dairy Queen (IDQ) had an ambitious vision: Modernize the brand. Transform the internal culture. Increase collaboration and performance. Drive innovation. And navigate all this while moving into a new headquarters.

BI WORLDWIDE has an appetite for challenge. The plan: Infuse this transformation not only into the minds and hearts of the IDQ team, but also the environmental space within the new headquarters.

Modernize the brand. Transform the culture.

Global Experiential Graphic Design Award Winner

The International Dairy Queen Corporate Headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota, has won an Honor Award in the 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards program.

Thoughtful design

The first solution was an office environment that addressed both utility (supporting the functional ways in which work gets done) and desire (driving performance and engagement in a way that promotes the ideal culture).

BI WORLDWIDE hit on both principles with a design campaign aimed at rewiring how employees work and inspiring a high-performance mindshift. Through branded aesthetics, inspiring creative and strategic motivational messaging, each element of the space – from conference rooms to walls and hallways – reflected the new, invigorated culture.

A rewards program that energizes

Next up, creating a culture of recognition, celebrating and rewarding high performance. We developed WOW, a rewards program aimed at driving behaviors around the IDQ values. The energetic and compelling creative brought the values to life, while a strategic launch aligned and activated both managers and employees.

The result: An exciting cultural shift that’s visually striking but goes far beyond aesthetics to infuse inspiration and motivation into the team’s everyday experience. Now that’s pretty sweet.


The right formula for employee motivation 

Each company is unique, but we've got the science down to an art:

  • Employee Recognition: Strategy and implementation that motivates, rewards and inspires outstanding employee performance.
  • Employer Branding: Your employer brand tells the story about who you are as a company. Attract and retain great employees.
  • Employee Engagement: Inspire your employees to love what they do and the brand they do it for.
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