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Level up your call center

Written by: Lea Sorrentino, VP, Bunchball; Leah Wash, Digital Producer, Bunchball
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Call centers face unique challenges due to their dispersed and market-specific work force. Issues like communication and the manual execution of incentive programs can affect employee engagement and overall performance.

To make an impact and level up your call center, check out these five tips on how gamification can serve as a powerful solution to address these common issues.

- 1 -

Tailor gamification to market-specific goals

One of the biggest challenges call centers face is the diversity of market-specific goals. Many times, call centers use a one-size-fits-all approach to incentives which inevitably falls short. Gamification allows companies to cater to the specific goals of each market, ensuring the incentives are meaningful to the employees and fostering a sense of achievement and motivation. Gamification allows for rules – called missions – that create a personalized approach to incentives. Missions are built from:

  • Scaffolded individual revenue and metric goals:

providing a personalized journey for each employee by tailoring goals to their skills and performance level.

  • Group-based goals:

fostering collaboration and teamwork by encouraging employees to work together towards shared goals to promote a sense of mutual achievement

  • Engaging with marketing materials and quizzing:

enhancing product knowledge and sales skills through interactive missions, ensuring employees are well-equipped to meet their market’s demands


  • The power of recognition:

empowering employees to recognize each other’s achievements which creates a positive and supportive culture that goes beyond individual accomplishments

  • Product-based goals:

focusing on specific initiatives driven by marketing needs that align incentives with the demands of each market to maximize the effectiveness of the program

What’s unique about gamification and missions is that instead of a long-term incentive that focuses on one company wide goal, gamification provides feedback in real time on personalized accomplishments that work towards large, long-term success.

Just a few weeks after a recent call center gamification program launch, we saw over half of the participants complete a combined 20,000 missions, many of which rewarded increased sales!


- 2 -

Mobile-responsive gamification dashboards for remote workforces

Remote work has become more prevalent, which has created a need for flexible, mobile-responsive solutions. Gamification platforms and dashboards that are responsive on mobile devices bridge the gap for remote call center employees using various devices. A mobile-responsive gamification dashboard that integrates learning, incentives, contests and recognition serves as a hub for scattered teams to stay connected and engaged.


- 3 -

Comprehensive feedback, recognition and rewards

Traditional recognition in call centers occurs on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis which excludes day-to-day achievements. With many call centers experiencing high turnover, employees don’t often get the recognition they’ve earned because of the long lag in feedback. With gamification, employees receive continuous feedback, recognition and rewards for their daily performance. This holistic approach not only boosts morale but also encourages desirable behaviors that drive overall job performance and satisfaction.

Many of our call center gamification programs see participants coming back weekly with the current average being 60% retention week over week.


- 4 -

Unified communication for call center specifics

Communication breakdown is common in call centers. But gamification acts as a one-stop shop for all communication needs. Employees can access important information, company updates and unique incentives that are specific to their market. Because this information is consolidated, it streamlines communication and creates a more connected and informed workforce. Good gamification will activate the investment that a company has already made in communication materials by intertwining that messaging with how it applies to an employee.


- 5 -

Real-time visibility into goals and KPIs

Gamification brings transparency to individual and group-based goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Real-time tracking and rewards for meeting these goals create a sense of urgency and competition. Revenue leaderboards also enhance visibility which motivates call center employees to excel individually and collaborate with their team. Earning levels in the program keeps employees on track to see how their short-term wins influence their long-term goals.


By harnessing the power of gamification, call centers can overcome the challenges posed by isolated or scattered employees. A tailored approach to incentives, mobile-responsive dashboards, ongoing feedback and recognition, unified communication and real-time visibility into goals empower call center employees. Gamification drives improved performance and fosters collaboration and teamwork. Gamification isn’t just a solution for call centers – it’s a revolution in the way they engage, motivate and recognize their workforce.


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