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CASE STUDY: A clear path to drive employee performance

CooperVision, a global leader in the contact lens industry, chose BI WORLDWIDE and Bunchball for a solution to actively engage and inform picking employees and provide a clear view of performance expectations.

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE's Bunchball Go mobile platform helped clarify daily and monthly goals for associates, as well as strengthened communication, collaboration and competition within teams.


CooperVision was looking for a mobile platform to clarify daily and monthly goals for associates, create an avenue for communication and drive collaboration and competition within teams. Ultimately, CooperVision wanted to increase productivity among warehouse associates.


CooperVision chose BI WORLDWIDE's Bunchball Go to create My CooperVision World, a mobile platform that leverages gamification to drive results. This new program centers on the line workers and Leads’ goals and training to provide a clear view of performance expectations and recognition.


  • 8% increase in employee productivity.

My CooperVision World provided recognition for attendance and functionality as well as leader performance. It utilizes Bunchball Go’s quiz function to drive microlearning. As onboarding employees finished their introductory training, CooperVision held an event in which the established teams could draft the new employees. This, along with leaderboards and group missions, increases collaboration and competition.

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