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Brand vs. product: Where to shine the experiential marketing spotlight

Mar 28, 2016

Written by: Joel Breeggemann
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Experiential marketing is a great way to shine a massive spotlight on a product but
be careful – putting your product on a pedestal is only effective if it is truly compelling in its own right.

Two people at an experiential marketing event. 

So how do you encourage organic movement through the customer lifecycle? Instead of begging consumers to care about the nitty gritty details of your product, think more broadly about associated experiences. Then infuse an emotional sensibility that fits your target audience and create a clear tie that runs through your product. Think about:

WHAT happens around the product?

If you’re trying to promote paper towels, you can drive yourself (and your target audience) crazy with talk about “absorbent pockets.” You’d be much better served thinking about the purpose a paper towel has – like clean up! Consider hosting a kids art booth at local art fairs and use your paper towels to clean up all day long. You will be offering something fun and interesting while promoting your brand in an authentic way

WHO benefits from the product?

If your goal is to promote a healthy dog food, a list of wholesome ingredients is important but don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on the joy of man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Surprise dog owners by setting up a doggie photo booth near busy dog parks. It’s social media friendly and reminds owners why it’s so important to keep
their pooch healthy and happy. Can you say #ilovethisdogfood?

WHY is the product important?

Suppose you’re looking to promote an all-weather tire. Don’t focus too much on tread talk. Make a clear connection to your product’s differentiator – let’s say it is safety and maneuverability. Invite your target audience to a closed test track with gravel, mud, hills, rain,  ice and snow so they can put their driving skills to the test. Giving them the chance to experience the tires in a controlled all-terrain, all-weather environment is much more memorable. You’ll earn credibility and drive home the message in a more relatable way.

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