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How Can an Employee Value Proposition Benefit Your Company?

Feb 21, 2017

Written by: John O'Brien
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Read on to discover how a thorough employee value proposition strategy can lead to astonishing business results. 

In order to learn all the ways identifying an employee value proposition (EVP) can benefit your company, let’s start with the definition. An EVP is the complete offering a company makes to its prospective and current employees in return for their best efforts. It encompasses pay and benefits, all the non-financial aspects that attract, retain and motivate employees and the reasons former employees would speak well of the company. The concept has been around for years but has been gaining more traction lately – and for good reason.

EVP borrows terminology from the consumer side of business, where a company develops a customer value proposition (CVP) through a strategic evaluation of how their products can be most appealing to potential buyers. CVP includes an inherent recognition that the customer always has the option to buy from the competition. Therefore, CVP initiatives focus intensely on what the customer wants. EVP initiatives work best when they have a similar intense focus on what employees’ value, unique to the organization they work for.

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