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élan LMS

Is your learning management system getting the job done? We’ve partnered with Brainier Solutions to bring you the award-winning élan LMS to help companies engage and educate their channel partners.

Right Class eLearning Solution  

Move to the head of the class.

You may feel like the last thing you need is another learning management system. 

We can hear you now:
“We already have three!”
“The one we have isn’t worth our time; why would we add another?”

We get it. But the right learning management system, designed for the right audience, can make a world of difference.

We’ve teamed up with Brainier Solutions to provide the élan – a gold-medal winning LMS that’s mobile capable.

élan is so user-friendly that even channel members who need to learn and adapt to multiple systems from multiple brands will find that it fits seamlessly into their day.

Need another reason to choose élan? Perhaps you have an LMS but it doesn’t include licenses for all of your channel partners. And sticker shock sets in when you get a quote for adding them.

That’s where we come in. Bring us your challenge.

Let’s find out what engaged, informed channel partners can do.

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