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Channel Sales Loyalty Rewards & Incentives

Your distribution channel represents a variety of different brands every day. Let's make your brand as important to your channel representatives as it is to you.

Sales Channel Rewards and Incentives

Create and strengthen brand loyalty with strategic incentive programs.

You've crafted your brand with precision. You know exactly how to tell your brand's story so it resonates with your audience.

But what happens when you're not the one telling the story?

The dealers, distributors and salespeople in your channel network play a critical role in communicating your brand’s value. By offering meaningful rewards paired with engaging promotions, you'll create an indelible connection between your channel network and your brand.

Properly motivated, your channel network becomes an integrated part of your team, working toward the same goal: Close the deal. Sell the brand. They'll transform from distributors and dealers to energized brand advocates. And that's a powerful thing.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we know how to engage everyone in your channel with results-driven incentive programs. While other programs focus solely on top performers, we start with clear baseline data for all levels of performers. Then we encourage them to focus on improving over their own previous sales figures.

We elevate everyone's engagement because everyone is telling your brand story. That translates to improved effort—and outcomes—across the board.

Let's get everyone on the same team. Your team.

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