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Two day experiential marketing event sends Air France to new heights

When Air France added new non-stop flights to open routes for consumers from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Paris, BI WORLDWIDE planned a Texas-sized corporate event that was simply magnifique.

Air France is accustomed to cruising at 30,000 feet but when it came time to celebrate the launch of its new non-stop route, BI WORLDWIDE stayed grounded in every detail throughout this experiential marketing event. The goal: offer unique experiences to educate, honor and thank key business partners and consumers, as well as local government and airport officials. And do all of this while incorporating the coming together of the French and Texan cultures.

For a launch of this magnitude, one event wasn’t enough. BI WORLDWIDE’s experiential marketing team planned a multi-day celebration that included:

Day 1: Time for take off.

Day 2: Celebrating details over dinner.

Day 2: Watch that baseball soar, too.

As part of the launch, BI WORLDWIDE hosted eleven international journalists and collaborated with business partners to host more than 250 top customers. The attention was immediate and widespread with over 250M in online readership and over 200K in estimated coverage views.

The verdict? It was trés bon, y’all.


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