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DayMaker Employee Service Awards

A loyal, productive team member is valuable beyond measure. Our employee award solutions give companies innovative, meaningful ways to recognize the employees who’ve invested their time and talent in moving the business forward.

Done right, a little appreciation goes a long way

Never underestimate the power of gratitude when it comes to attracting, retaining and motivating top talent. But what does gratitude look like in the workplace?

This is about more than saying thank you. It’s about authentic, meaningful recognition experiences and rewards that inspire loyalty and performance.

To really make a difference, it’s important to celebrate all employee milestones:

  • First day on the job
  • Promotions
  • Major goal achievements
  • Sales incentive program performance
  • Work anniversaries

Appreciation all along the way.

  • 1st day

    Make them feel like they're already a part of the team.

  • 1 year anniversary

    Reinforce that they made the right choice.

  • 3 year anniversary

    Don’t wait five years to say thank you.

  • Every 5 years

    Appreciation can foster brand ambassadors.

  • Retirement

    Recognize their loyalty and commitment.

But not all recognition programs are created equal. DayMaker Service Awards will personalize the way you celebrate and show appreciation for employee milestones.


At the core of the program: A celebration page centered around making the recipient feel valued and appreciated.

Here's what it includes:

Congratulations message

Start with a personalized greeting that includes the recipient’s name and the milestone they’re celebrating. 

High fives

Short on time? This is an easy way for contributors to say “Congratulations!” and acknowledge the milestone with a single click.

Corporate message

Let them know how much senior management cares with an image, video or message from a high-level executive. 

Manager message

Direct managers make all the difference in an employee’s experience at work and a milestone celebration is no exception – this special section allows the employee’s direct manager to share a personal message, image and/or video of congratulations.

Comment sharing 

Co-workers, family and friends can post, comment on and like favorite memories and notes of congratulations.

Group doodle

Contributors can let their creativity flow by drawing a picture or adding a sticker to tell a story of how much the award recipient means to them.

Year that was

For those celebrating a work anniversary, this fun blast from the past will show pop culture facts about the year the recipient was hired, like best movie, who won the World Series, most popular tv show, Grammy song of the year and more.

Award selection

We’ll carefully curate awards that fit your audience’s demographics and make it simple for employees to choose the award that’s most meaningful to them.

Celebration pages mean more than you know. You have to be on the receiving end of it to truly understand but it’s no wonder that so many recipients take advantage of the opportunity to print it so they can save it or display it. We also make it easy for them to send a “thank you” message to everyone who contributed.

DayMaker Service Awards is a powerful solution for celebrating employee milestones. Even better: it offers optional integration with our DayMaker recognition site. When combined, this all-in-one system offers a seamless participant experience to facilitate peer-to-peer recognition, manager-to-employee recognition, award redemption and milestone celebrations.

More reasons to love DayMaker Service Awards:

Easy to implement

Turn-key, seamless and guaranteed to launch on-time.

Relevant awards collection

Specifically designed to inspire your employee audience.

Global ready

In-country award fulfillment & invoicing capabilities.

Program dashboard

Analyze your program activity through a simple-to-use data portal. 

Participant experience

Personalized to maximize the celebration experience.

Manager engagement

Inform, coach and guide your managers with best practices.

Next generation of social

Drive employee engagement with the latest social recognition innovations.

Configuration flexibility

Realize a personalized experience to meet your organization’s needs.

Let's work together to inspire your employees.

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