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10 ways to welcome employees back to the office

Dec 14, 2021

Written by: Steve Huffman, Vice President, Recognition Solutions, BI WORLDWIDE
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No matter what you choose, a recognition gift will help employees feel safe, welcomed and appreciated as they transition back into the office. Here are 10 great ideas to do just that.


More and more companies are looking for ways to thank employees for their commitment and flexibility since the onset of the pandemic. There’s no better time to show your gratitude than when you define what the future of work looks like for your teams. Whether you are bringing employees back to a workspace or introducing a different work model, here are ten ways to welcome them back.


With a custom kit.

Set the tone for the future. Create a custom kit to fit your corporate identity, values or culture. You can include socially responsible give-backs, environmentally-conscious products, high tech, low tech or just plain FUN.

To their office space.

For many employees, splitting time between their home and the office can get hectic. Help them settle into their new routines with gifts like mobile office accessories, a smart rest keyboard and wrist support or a phone charging stand.

To their office space.png

With wellness and health.

Work-life balance and overall wellbeing were at the forefront when employees were working from home. Help keep health and wellness a priority for those returning to the workplace. Choose items designed with health in mind so everyone can feel a little safer and work more comfortably.

With something unique.

Give them something to smile about. Add a special and unique touch to your appreciation gift. There are so many ways to brighten someone’s day, promote relaxation or add an unexpected touch of comfort.

With something unique.png

With electronic must-haves.

Keep your employees charged, engaged and performing at their best. Don’t hold them back with inadequate tech. Whether it’s clear audio for conference calls or a comfortable desk setup, having the right technology reduces frustration and helps make their jobs easier.

With new apparel.

Employees could be working from home. They could be on-site. They could be experiencing a little of both. Help them represent your brand wherever they are.

With a WOW.

Make a big impression. Brand-name products continue to be popular, as companies look for premium gifts to show appreciation for hard work, loyalty and commitment. Choose a single gift item or curate an assortment of gifts they can choose from.

With a WOW.png

To brighter days ahead.

If budgets permit, give your employees the choice of any pair of sunglasses from Maui Jim or a set of Apple AirPods!

With custom packaging.

Messaging is key. How the package and gift are delivered sets the first impression when coming back into the office. What impression do you want to leave them with?

With custom packaging.png

With personalized communications.

Facts aren’t first. Emotions are. Emotion impacts what we remember and informs how we act. Offset any negative emotions from the pandemic by designing your communications with positive emotional triggers – purpose, mission, optimism and most of all, thank you. Take advantage of gift boxes or packaging, inserts, cards, certificates and letters. Enhance the experience with QR codes or AR markers that launch digital content, like a personalized video, digital scratch off or a celebratory message.


No matter what you choose, a recognition gift will make employees feel safe, welcomed and appreciated during their time of transition.


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