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Capturing mindshare with mobile moments

Written by: Tim Altier, Solution Architect, Technology Solutions Group
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Warren Buffet calls the smartphone screen "the most valuable real estate in the world." Learn more about how to leverage daily mobile moments to drive results and meet your business objectives.


Our phones have become proxies for our brains. Before cell phones, I knew every phone number of every person who was meaningful to me. I knew where I had to be and when I had to be there. I also knew how to get there without a phone.


But consider all the experiences that are facilitated through our phones today. Business-to-business interactions. Business-to-customer interactions. Personal interactions. To be successful, you need to engage your audience where they live — on their phones. According to Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans own a cell phone today and 15% of American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users.

Think about how many times we look at our phones in a day. In line at the grocery store. Putting gas in the car. They even have a name for this – the mobile moment, or those times in our day when we stop what we are doing to check a notification, text or the news. Warren Buffet calls the smartphone screen “the most valuable real estate in the world...worth a fortune.” How would you like your brand front and center in that real estate?

But don’t be the hammer looking for something that resembles a nail. Mobile engagement is tactical so it’s important to start strategically:




The strategy will vary but is grounded in what will move your business forward: acquire more customers or foot traffic, recruit more and better candidates to fill open positions, get sales associates to cross-sell and upsell customers, increase product knowledge among your channel partners or create brand ambassadors. And regardless of whether your audience includes customers, employees, salespeople or channel partners, you ultimately need to drive behaviors, such as:


• Customer referrals

• Employees recruiting friends and colleagues for open positions

• Sales associates referring a customer to try a new product or service

• Channel partners to watch a new product introduction video


Once you’ve set your strategy and outlined desired behaviors, it’s time to determine the best mobile solution to facilitate the interaction. As you do that, remember: Technology enables — rewards inspire. Even the simplest, easiest technology is not enough on its own to motivate someone to complete a behavior. There needs to be a reason or motivation to do so — a reward.

Consider that human beings interact in many ways: face-to-face, one-to-one virtually or remotely, or one-to-many as in social media or professional networking. While there are mobile and digital technologies to facilitate each of these types of interactions, the mobile wallet pass is growing in popularity because it’s multi-functional, keeping your brand top of mind with your audience:

• It can continuously and vividly remind them of the rewards available to them for completing behaviors.

• The QR code on the front of the pass can convey information in the form of a URL and a data capture mechanism to reward top brand advocates.

• A personalized image is a digital asset that can be emailed or texted to make a referral and posted to social media and professional networks to generate viral buzz and exponential awareness.

Mobile Wallet_Captivate.png

These assets combined with a mobile communication strategy capture mindshare, drive results and meet your business objectives. As you work to enhance your brand’s mobile engagement opportunities, keep these best practices in mind:

• Remove as much friction as possible.

• Ensure the “value exchange” adds up, or make sure the reward is worth the effort.

• Make a memorable brand impression.

• Increase the number of opportunities to complete desired behaviors.

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Tim Altier

Tim Altier

Solution Architect
Technology Solutions Group

Tim has built a career applying scientific methodologies to business problems that every company faces. He helps BIW clients make the best strategic use of all available data sources and technology. He consults with companies to design and implement technology based solutions that drive positive outcomes in marketing and loyalty. Tim has done work in the financial services, retail, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, solving problems and delivering best-in-class solutions in the customer, employee and sales channel verticals. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Statistics.