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Driving true customer engagement: Strength of content and the creative approach

Jun 03, 2021

Written by: Theresa Teal Schiffman, Managing Director of CEG Creative Services, BI WORLDWIDE
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Creating content that includes the three pillars of our creative approach — attention, connection and behavior — will give you the strength of content that can deliver results.


In The formula for true customer engagement, we identified best practices to optimize content: make it concise, compelling and relevant. Now, we’ll dive deeper into content creation, specifically when your goal is to use existing assets.

So how do you take content that already exists in your organization and turn it into effective vehicles for behavior change? It often comes down to looking at it in new ways and building a creative strategy to give it new life. To get there, it helps to have a road map.


Introducing: The creative approach for strength of content

Earn attention

Find a need in your prospect’s mind and fill it with one unifying idea. Make it stick with concise, compelling and relevant execution.

Build connection

Determine your emotive intent, or how you want your prospect to feel. Target those emotions to spark a relationship.

Drive behaviors

Apply scientific research on loyalty, engagement and behavior change through the use of heuristics, choice architecture, vividness, intrinsic motivation, idiosyncratic fit and the dopamine effect.




While this process may sound complicated, it’s actually quite simple. Let’s look at some examples.

1. Game Day Challenge

Objective: Take clinical content about preventive care and wellness exams and make it engaging for members.

Solution: Using best practices in game mechanics and visual storytelling, members were invited into their own self-paced adventure. With a blend of sports motifs and challenge questions, they were entertained, educated and driven by intrinsic motivation to complete health actions and earn deterministic rewards.




2. Star Quality

Objective: Take complex content and make it easy to understand and interactive via print.

Solution: The transformation included turning a 5-page text-only report into an engagement-experience-in-a-box to drive the needed behaviors. Multiple vivid and tactile print elements earned the prospects' attention and through the use of choice architecture and heuristics, it was easy for recipients to absorb, remember and act on the content.




3. Storytelling Series

Objective: Take lengthy content and edit it down for ease of consumption and engagement.

Solution: it started with a spreadsheet filled with hundreds of patient testimonials and turned into a visually-arresting storytelling series that created an idiosyncratic fit with the audience. The content was carefully curated, edited and paired with stock photography to make heart-warming vignettes that inspired people to go for their dreams.


 Backpack_52775_MDT_ 00039PDF_StorytellingSeries-3.jpg Couple_52775_MDT_ 00039PDF_StorytellingSeries-4.jpg Woman_52775_MDT_ 00039PDF_StorytellingSeries-8.jpg



Creating content that includes the three pillars of our creative approach - attention, connection and behavior - will give you the strength of content can deliver results.


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