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Empowering field reps to support your channel partners

May 21, 2020

Written by: Marie Hilliard, DVP of Automotive Group, BI WORLDWIDE
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Are you putting your field reps in the best position to give your channel partners the support they need? Here are four things to consider that can make all the difference.

As your channel partners reinvent their business approach, your field reps play a critical role in helping you stay connected with the needs of your channel. With many people working from their homes, however, the road-warrior approach your reps have successfully used in the past isn’t an option.

How you support your field representatives can make all the difference in their ability to help your channel partners. Here are four things to consider to put your field reps in the best position to give your channel partners the support they need right now.

Set realistic expectations.

Your field reps are accustomed to aiming at big goals. The objectives you set in January have little merit now. Whether adjusting up or down to reflect the reality of your marketplace, reset expectations and communicate those clearly to your reps so they know what they’re aiming for.

Be transparent.

Your field reps are your promise makers so tell them the truth—explain what can or cannot be done at this time from your standpoint. Keep them apprised on a regular basis as things change. Clear, consistent communications will help them make commitments to your channel partners that everyone can count on.

Give them a toolbox.

Ask your reps for feedback on what they need to be effective right now. Are there tools you can automate to make their jobs easier? Do they have the technical support they need? Are there processes you could put online so your channel partners can claim on their own? You may be surprised the efficiencies you create now could become the norm moving forward.

Power boost morale.

Energize your reps with frequent recognition for their efforts. Positivity is contagious so find ways to share success stories. Celebrate often. Virtual team gatherings featuring pets, hobbies, gardens, etc. allow for lasting personal connections.

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Marie Hilliard

Marie Hilliard

Division Vice President
Automotive Group

As Division Vice President of BI WORLDWIDE’s Automotive Group, Marie Hilliard’s primary focus is to develop engagement strategies and solutions that change the behaviors of automotive employees, consumers and the dealer network to drive positive business results. An expert in applying behavioral economics to program design, Marie coaches professionals throughout North America on how to best engage people to drive desired results.

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