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4 ways to engage and inspire with gamification

Nov 11, 2019

Written by: Aaron Moncreiff, Director of Marketing Programs, Bunchball Division, BI WORLDWIDE
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Keeping employees engaged and inspired is a challenge all business leaders face. Learn more about how gamification can help you level up.

Picture this: you’re a business leader. You know a highly inspired workforce is going to lead to employee retention, a better work culture, and productive employees. You also know solutions like spiffs and company parties don’t cut it if you’re looking for a long-term employee engagement strategy. Gamification is a one way to address these issues.

Gamification takes game techniques we know and love – missions, points, badges and leaderboards - and incorporates those techniques into work environments as a way to engage and motivate people. Adding gamification inspires employees by tapping into what intrinsically and extrinsically motivates all people – earning progress, having purpose and driving towards mastery.

Because gamification provides easy-to-follow goals and timely rewards, your work environment becomes more fun and efficient. Whether it’s completing a learning path, achieving a sales goal, or rewarding engagement on an employee community, gamification can help.

Here's how:

Learning and development: Onboarding times can be cut to less than 10% of normal when adding gamification to an enterprise LMS.

Sales and sales training: Connecting gamification to an LMS and optimizing it with a sales contest engine can boost sales revenue by 20%.

Employee collaboration: Using gamification in an employee recognition program can increase engagement by over 400%.

Building channel sales: Training a channel sales team with a dealer distribution channel can generate over 85% partner related calls.

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