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4 ways to engage and inspire with gamification

Nov 11, 2019

Written by: Aaron Moncreiff, Director of Marketing Programs, Bunchball Division, BI WORLDWIDE
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Keeping employees engaged and inspired is a challenge all business leaders face. Learn more about how gamification can help you level up.

Picture this: you’re a business leader. You know a highly inspired workforce is going to lead to employee retention, a better work culture, and productive employees. You also know solutions like spiffs and company parties don’t cut it if you’re looking for a long-term employee engagement strategy. Gamification is a one way to address these issues.

Gamification takes game techniques we know and love – missions, points, badges and leaderboards - and incorporates those techniques into work environments as a way to engage and motivate people. Adding gamification inspires employees by tapping into what intrinsically and extrinsically motivates all people – earning progress, having purpose and driving towards mastery.

Because gamification provides easy-to-follow goals and timely rewards, your work environment becomes more fun and efficient. Whether it’s completing a learning path, achieving a sales goal, or rewarding engagement on an employee community, gamification can help.

Here's how:

Learning and development: Onboarding times can be cut to less than 10% of normal when adding gamification to an enterprise LMS.

Sales and sales training: Connecting gamification to an LMS and optimizing it with a sales contest engine can boost sales revenue by 20%.

Employee collaboration: Using gamification in an employee recognition program can increase engagement by over 400%.

Building channel sales: Training a channel sales team with a dealer distribution channel can generate over 85% partner related calls.

Aaron Moncreiff

Director of Marketing Programs
Bunchball Division

As Director of Marketing Programs at Bunchball, Aaron's primary responsibilities are to drive interest in gamification. Aaron works with Bunchball, a division of BI WORLDWIDE to promote the use of gamification to help find a fit with BI WORLDWIDE's suite of products to optimize the programs for the benefit of the clients. He relies on data-driven analytics to come up with the strategic fits for gamification.

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