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Level up on rewards: exciting experiences for top performers

Jul 20, 2021

Written by: Stephany Schmitz, Team Lead, Event Recognition
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Whether it makes sense to stay close to home or venture out, these experiences drive competition to new levels and greater results.


"Those who felt their organization's incentives were exciting were 8x more likely to find work inspiring." 

- BI WORLDWIDE's 2020 New Rules of Engagement® study


How do you inspire your key contributors?

What are you doing to generate excitement, engagement and action with the ultimate goal of driving business results?

Asking them to "work harder" doesn't cut it. These are your best performers. They are already working hard. Neither does offering them uninspiring rewards like cash or gift cards. Cash generally goes toward paying bills. Gift cards languish in wallets.

What captures attention and changes behavior is a memorable experience coupled with awesome rewards. That sets the stage for significant emotional engagement, focus and goal achievement.

Reward experiences that inspire.

COVID-19 and the ongoing variants have led to new thinking on delivering unique experiences that are being talked about by employees pre-, during-, and post-event. Depending on travel restrictions, budgets or personal comfort levels, here are two fun and distinct ways to recognize your high performers.

1. Warehouse Windfall: Build the destination into the opportunity and celebrate your top performers at a one-of-a-kind event.

After spending some time to strategize, achievers race through the aisles of a private warehouse, grabbing all the items they can while beating the clock. It's heart-thumping, complete with an exciting play-by-play announcer, music that gets everyone going and cheering peers and leaders. By the time they fly home, their awards are in the process of being shipped directly to them.

2. Rewards Adventure: If your teams are working remotely, this online incentive video game motivates and inspires top performers right at their desktop or laptop.

Winners enter an island maze and have an allotted amount of time to "grab" as many awards as possible. There's more than one path so it's worth taking the time for some practice sessions.


"Those who compete for individual and team incentives are 4.8x more likely to find work inspiring than those who do not."

- BI WORLDWIDE's New Rules of Engagement® study


Whether it makes sense to stay close to home or venture out, these experiences drive competition to new levels and greater results.

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Stephany Schmitz

Stephany Schmitz

Team Lead, Event Recognition, BI WORLDWIDE

As Team Lead of BI WORLDWIDE's Event Recognition group, Stephany Schmitz is responsible for sourcing and developing recognition and incentive gifts that inspire employees, salespeople, channel partners and customers. She has been a driving force at BIW since 2005.