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Sales engagement starts [insert wherever you are]

Apr 26, 2022

Written by: William Johnson, Division VP, Sales and Channel
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Business takes place everywhere, from homes to coffee shops to offices around the globe. Learn more about how to engage, inspire and reach your goals anytime, anywhere, on any device.


To quote the great 20th century philosopher Ferris Bueller,

“Life moves pretty fast...”

It turns out, Ferris knew what he was talking about.


Life today moves faster than ever before. We live in an increasingly mobile world and the number of mobile workers continues to grow. In fact, IDC forecasts mobile workers will be 60% of the total US workforce by 2024. It’s important to consider philosophies, technologies and tools that are agile, flexible and able to adapt to a growing segment of the workforce who isn’t bound by a central location or relies heavily on mobile devices for daily tasks and workflows.

This means you can’t do what you’ve always done to engage and inspire your sales force. It’s time to re-consider how you’re motivating your salespeople to achieve growth and reach targets.

Here are three examples of mobile solutions specifically developed to reach your salespeople wherever and however they are working to keep them engaged and focused.

  1. SalesMaker is a dynamic and flexible contest engine. It blends the building blocks of sales engagement with proven sales incentive strategies. You can easily define the rules of the game, communicate with your audience and recognize their achievements with the right rewards.

  2. Contest Wizard puts the power of incentives in the palm of your hand. A set of core contest structures allow you to close sales gaps and create excitement and competition while driving results.

  3. Game Arcade features twelve simple, quick, budget-friendly game options, each with its own vivid and lasting game-play experience. It’s a fun way to reward the outstanding performance of your sales team.


Extending mobile engagement

You can also extend mobile engagement to address key business issues, such as:

Sales gaps – hitting sales goals with fast starts and/or big finishes.

Product understanding – earning rewards for learning about products i.e., a learn-and-earn incentive helps salespeople absorb new knowledge, take a quick quiz and earn rewards for putting these new skills into action.

Onboarding – focusing new associates on tools, skills and sales techniques that will help them become productive quickly.

Retention – assigning personal growth sales goals to show constant improvement and progress toward becoming a best-in-class sales associate.


Business takes place everywhere, from homes to coffee shops to offices around the globe. Sales teams are nimble, agile and fluid. Wendy Clark, Global CEO of Dentsu International, stated, “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished. ” Use these solutions and best practices to engage, inspire and reach your goals anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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As Vice President of BI WORLDWIDE’s Sales & Channel Engagement Group, William Johnson's primary focus is to develop sales and channel engagement strategies and solutions that change the behaviors of sales people, distributors, dealers and channel sales representatives. An expert in sales incentive strategy, he educates sales professionals around the world on how to best engage their sales force through sales engagement strategies, solutions and best practices.