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5 sales contest mistakes to avoid

Aug 14, 2019

You might think you know how to run a highly effective sales contest but our research shows up to 75% of sales contests fail to meet their goals. Learn the most common mistakes and get sales contest ideas by completing the short form below.

Ever wonder why most sales contests with high expectations seem to fall short? It might be the fact that they’re based on faulty assumptions. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at what really inspires better performance—and base your next contest on science, not speculation.

Sales Contest Idea One.pngSales Contest Mistake #1:
“My cash comp plan motivates my sales reps to perform at their highest level.”

Actually, when it comes to sales contests, cash isn’t king. The truth is, rewards like merchandise and travel can boost sales over cash rewards by up to 300%.

Learn why popular sales contest ideas like this along with other common ways to motivate your sales team don't work. Watch BI WORLDWIDE's full Sales Contest Mistakes to Avoid video, backed by data and research, to reach your sales team's full potential.

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