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Add spark to your customer experience.

Dec 10, 2020

Written by: Jim Bergeson, Vice President, Customer Engagement, BI WORLDWIDE
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For most businesses, face to face interaction with customers has been
replaced with virtual meetings, relentless emails and online purchasing. But how much of your digital marketing is actually making it through to your audience?

How has the COVID environment affected the quality of your customer experience?

For most businesses, face to face interaction with customers has been replaced with virtual meetings, relentless email messaging and online purchasing, if you’re lucky. Heavy reliance on digital communications is now crucial to survival for most companies. Competing for your customer’s attention is paramount while the competition for this attention has never been more fierce.

At the same time, consumers are drowning in a deluge of digital outreach by marketers. Often, much of the content being pushed out has little relevance to the target audience. Just think about how many email messages we delete from our computers and phones every day. The question is, how much of our digital marketing effort is making it through — actually reaching the intended audience?

For me and I think most consumers, there’s a real “digital fatigue” happening in this pandemic environment. The customer experience is suffering and marketers need to find new and exciting ways to differentiate from the competition and grab the attention of their customers.

We recently worked with a client who was targeting physicians with an incentive program. Their digital efforts were good – emails and PDF attachments explaining the program achieved about a 35% engagement level with their audience. Not bad results, but the client thought they could be better and asked us to come up with a solution to drive greater engagement.

We took what was a fairly complex program, page after page of detail, and revised the content into a couple of visual printed pieces that were then assembled in an impactful box mailer. This broke through the competitive clutter and digital fatigue. The box mailer moved the physician audience from 35% enrollment to over 80% enrollment in the incentive program.

A dimensional mailing is hard for a customer to ignore or delete unlike an email. Use it to introduce a new product or service, to drive customer retention or to deliver a special gift of recognition showing customers how much appreciated and valued they are to you. Surprise and reward customers for reaching levels of achievement—years of customer loyalty, hitting a certain sales level, buying exclusively from your company.

By making it personal with digital variable print, your dimensional mailing can further enhance the customer experience. Opening a box addressed to you with a message tailored to who you are and what is important to you grabs your attention. You can create a very positive impression if what’s inside surprises, delights and is relevant to the interests and needs of your prospect or customer.

Targeted, tailored and focused dimensional mailings can create a standout event in your customers’ virtual day. They can deliver a strong statement about your level of commitment to building a real relationship with customers. 

I’m sorry - I have to end this blog post now as there’s a delivery person at my door with a package. I wonder what’s inside the box.

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Jim Bergeson

Jim Bergeson

Division Vice President, Customer Engagement

Jim is responsible for BI WORLDWIDE's Customer Engagement division, offering a wide range of strategic capabilities to help move your customers from a prospect, to a customer, to a repeat customer and eventually to being an advocate of your brand or product. Jim believes his many years in marketing and the agency business have proven the need for businesses to continually reinvent themselves and look for better ways to engage with their customers. New technologies and media platforms have changed the marketing playing field but the strategic goal of earning the trust of your customer or client has not.

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