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CASE STUDY: Learn. Earn. Win.

A global technology company worked with BI WORLDWIDE to create a loyalty program and mobile platform for channel partners to engage in training, collaboration and competition.

What is a channel partner marketplace platform

Learn how the combination of BIW's gamification and learning solutions created a dynamic partner portal to help engage users for training and sales.


The client wanted to maintain, gain and win back channel partners by providing learning and a way to improve knowledge retention. The goal was to influence partner behavior and ultimately boost growth and sales.


The global tech company chose BI WORLDWIDE’s gamification division, Bunchball® along with BIW’s learning solutions group to create a dynamic and vivid partner portal to engage users in the training, the story and the products to increase visibility and ultimately sales. They also used the Bunchball Go platform to quickly deploy a companion app to their loyalty programs so partners could participate anywhere on any device. Earning award points through BIW’s Merchandise Marketplace serves as a powerful motivator for a diverse channel partner base.


  • In less than 90 days, user base grew by over 350 members per day.

  • Membership has grown to nearly 7,000 members.

  • Channel partners in 82 countries are participating in the program.

In less than 90 days the program has increased in membership by over 350 per day. The current user base is close to 7000. These users engage in a non-mandatory training program environment and are averaging 11 courses per user. Channel partners in 82 countries around the world are consuming valuable training and sales content all while earning award points to reinforce their efforts.

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