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Kawasaki Dealer Meeting

Oct 05, 2014

Kawasaki brought their network of dealers together to show them the "Kawasaki Difference."

Kawasaki Dealer Event


The Powersport industry experienced significant losses during the economic downturn. Kawasaki however, saw this as an opportunity to make bold moves forward: unmatched dealer support and incentives, great customer rebates, and a new, robust digital strategy. To continue this excitement live with dealers, Kawasaki partnered with BI WORLDWIDE.


Bring the dealer group together to motivate and inspire them to continue their support and promotion of Kawasaki products.


BI WORLDWIDE produced a meeting to tie into the excitement Kawasaki had generated: an in the round staging experience immersed dealers in a powerful product showcase. With over 50 new and existing products, the stage featured four ramps that allowed products to rev into the spotlight with custom music and video. Energy was high with dealers engaged in the non-stop action.


The show received outstanding reviews and the dealers left understanding the "Kawasaki Difference."

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