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Tech Trends Transforming Corporate Events

Mar 31, 2015

Companies are choosing software and devices that enable them to execute their events on a global scale – simplifying process, ensuring brand messaging & consistency, increasing visibility.

Corporate Event Technology Trends


BI WORLDWIDE’s Meetings & Shows team can transform your next event with award-winning creative and production to engage your employees, sales teams and customers.

During the economic recession in the US, many companies were anxious to “go virtual” to save dollars on travel. However, the technology wasn’t cheap and the impact of a live meeting far outweighed any virtual solutions, says Dawn Martin, vice president of meetings and shows at BI WORLDWIDE.

The current trend, she believes, is to have live meetings and use new technologies, such as augmented reality, to make them as engaging as possible. “Much of the technology has become more affordable and the excitement it generates gives participants the feeling that the company is doing well,” Martin explains.

As well as the showman aspect of technology, companies are choosing software and devices that enable them to execute their own events on a global scale by simplifying and managing the processes, ensuring consistency of branding and messaging, increasing visibility, monitoring event marketing spend and establishing reliable effectiveness measurement.

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