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This is How to Recognize Employees Throughout Their Careers

Apr 13, 2016

Written by: Mark Hirschfeld
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Recognition is crucial at each every career stage but the context will change based on tenure. Use these insights to do an even better job of recognizing and engaging employees as they reach these key career milestones.

Pulled from our research, here are the “voices” of engagement for employees
at different tenure levels:

Year One: I think this gig just might work out but I’m looking hard as to whether I can trust leaders and to the degree they are fully transparent will tell me a lot about whether I have a future here. My pay is okay but wondering if it’s fair for the work I perform. And regardless of the money I’m earning, I want to feel like I’m making a contribution for which I can feel part of something greater.

TAKE AWAY: Newer associates want to have all (or most) of the facts and feel they are in the loop. The starting pay is probably okay but as they grow in their value to the organization, they’ll be keeping tabs on whether that is reflected in their compensation. They are getting a glimpse of how what they do can make a difference—keep showing them that path.

Year Three: I feel like I’m really beginning to hit my stride at this place, which feels great. I may not always feel as appreciated for the good work I’m doing but coworkers who have been here a couple more years than me say that even more awesome things are in front of me.

TAKE AWAY: New employees often get lots of attention but we may take employees at this tenure for granted. Don’t do that – if they’re doing good things, tell them. Remind them there are other opportunities ahead and give them a mentor with a bit more tenure who can help them plan for the future.

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Mark Hirschfeld

Mark Hirschfeld

Vice President, Consulting Services and Strategic Partnerships

Mark Hirschfeld is Vice President of Consulting Services and Strategic Partnerships at BI WORLDWIDE. He’s passionate about helping companies develop more engaged, productive places to work. Mark is the co-author of "Re-Engage: How America’s Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort In Extraordinary Times", published by McGraw-Hill.