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5 Ways to Turn Recognition Into Results

Jan 13, 2017

Written by: Sherra Buckley
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Use these tips to implement results-based recognition in your organization. 

Get business results from employee recognition.


Your recognition platform can do more than check off the employee engagement box on your strategic initiatives. Your recognition program can help advance the safety, idea generation, productivity, revenues and profits of the enterprise, divisions, geographies or departments.

The benefits of a results-based recognition approach are numerous. The organization collectively benefits from the achievement. Individuals gain a better understanding of organizational goals and the behaviors required to achieve individual and team goals. The combination of rewards and recognition delivers maximum engagement. Program owners create a stronger, more dynamic and motivational program that delivers incremental business results.

Here are five tips for implementing results-based recognition in your organization:

1. Open your recognition platform to additional audience-specific initiatives.

In addition to your enterprise-wide recognition programs, establish a process for business leaders to initiate, obtain approvals, communicate and reward results for their own segmented promotions. When possible, encourage collaborative,cross-functional programs that work across silos.

2. Design and fund each initiative with the business objectives in mind.

The program’s budget should balance the incremental gains of the business with awards that are motivating to participants. Results-based recognition initiatives should be designed to reward achievement of specific results so that there is a clear return on investment.

3. Use a campaign approach to create and sustain awareness.

Launch your initiative with a mix of training and communications through a variety of media. Let individuals and teams know how and what they need to do to achieve the goal and the rewards they can earn once it’s completed. But don’t stop there. Create a comprehensive schedule to provide regular progress updates using a variety of communication channels to keep them informed of progress and motivated along the way.

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