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Strategic eLearning

Your sales force needs access to critical information any time, anywhere. That’s why we offer the most widely compatible eLearning on the market. We’re talking world-leading custom eLearning technology and services, just ask 2 million users in 190 countries learning in 39 different languages using 2700+ device models. eLearning is universal. And it’s effective.

Inspire learning for enhanced results.

Creating effective eLearning that inspires change, takes a combination of effective planning and strategy, strong instructional design, consumer level creative and cutting edge technology that delivers your content how and where you need it.


Strategic Digital Learning

Our team has been delivering eLearning solutions for 25+ years, and have mastered the re-mastered what it takes to be relevant in todays digital learning experience. Whether your content is in a series of PowerPoints or you have a collection of hundreds of courses that need to be mobile friendly and/or global, you need a plan. We start every project with a keen eye on business results and strategize the most effective way to deliver.

Brand Focused

We know that it takes more than just knowledge transfer to inspire your teams to engage and adopt the principles you need them to. We focus on how to tell your story, with your view of the business. We build red thread concepts that carry the learner through a journey of discovery to inspire change and growth.

Technology Enabled

Our expectation of digital content has changed, so the technology must change with it. Chameleon is the cloud-based eLearning platform that is designed to deliver to any device, tracked to you LMS or LRS, and delivered globally. Currently we have had over a 2 million users in 190 countries in 39 languages. Most importantly, you are in control. With our cloud editor, you’re in the drivers seat. Making changes is as easy as editing a Google Doc, and just as intuitive.


The BIW Learning team is a turnkey solution that creates inspiring learning, moving the needle on your learner’s content mastery and business results.

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