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Virtual Meeting Playbooks

Our experts in learning and training have taken their best thinking, practices and processes to enable teams to consistently understand, plan, and execute Virtual Training Meetings. Playbooks that are 95% pre-built, the rest is customized for you.

Virtual Meeting Playbooks ready to be customized to your environment and brand - in as fast as 2 weeks!

Level 1: Leading with Virtual is a playbook designed for a general audience – think of this as the 101 level. It includes topics such as:

  • Pros and Cons of Virtual Meetings
  • Questions to Continue to Ask
  • Virtual Meeting Process
  • Virtual Meeting Platforms
  • Key Features & Functionality
  • Virtual Meeting Etiquette
  • 10 Tips for Virtual Meeting Success

Level 2: Evolve from Virtual to Vital takes a deeper dive; it’s designed for training or meetings and events teams who need to understand the details of planning, designing and executing virtual meetings. It goes into much more detail and includes topics such as:

  • Pre-Virtual Meeting Communication
  • Conducting a Rehearsal
  • Creating a Backup Plan
  • Adapting Existing Content for Virtual Delivery
  • vILT Development Checklist
  • Script Writing for Virtual Delivery
  • Visual Design Techniques for Virtual Delivery
  • Virtual Energizers
  • Virtual Activities
  • Preparing the Presenting Team
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