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Virtual Training Meetings

Even when in-person training or meetings aren't possible, your corporate learning and sales training programs can still engage your audience and deliver results.

Virtual Training Meeting Technology and Services

  • Content

    Live meeting workshops don’t work in virtual environments. Our Instructional Designers re-design your existing content and activities to align to your objectives, maximize features and enhance the virtual training delivery.

  • Technical

    Our team works with you to define the technology strategy in order to create a seamless experience for your virtual training meeting. Once the big day is here, our Technical Remote Support Team is behind the scenes to take care of all the details and allow you to enjoy your virtual meeting experience.

  • Engagement

    Our approach is holistic – we design solutions that creatively communicate, educate and motivate your audience. That could even be sending “virtual meeting care packages” to their houses.


We create custom corporate learning solutions that inspire and sustain behavior change – employee training, sales training programs, product knowledge training and virtual training that transform what people know, how they feel and what they do using today's best practices:


Use a checklist of participants to track who has been called on and for what.


Reorganize instruction, placing the most important information up front.


Use less text and more graphics on your slides.


Use web conferencing features wisely.


Conduct a test run to ensure there aren’t any glitches to execution.


Script the directions to ensure consistent delivery across sites.


Add polls and quizzes to increase engagement.

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