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Passion Pursuit

Give your best sales performers a reward with undeniable appeal. Passion Pursuit combines the best of luxury merchandise rewards with travel incentives to deliver a highly personalized experience for your top salespeople. 

This is personal.

A great sales reward should never come in a box. It should be experienced, felt and enjoyed. It should inspire smiles and share-worthy stories for years to come. Your hard-working team should feel a rush of excitement that sticks with them and sparks motivation to achieve powerful performance again and again.

Our signature Passion Pursuit experience is tailor-made for sales teams that need to raise the bar. As the sales incentive period begins, participants begin by taking a quiz that directs them to their passion – sports, gourmet cuisine, fitness or music, to name a few. From there, every single touchpoint of the experience is customized to reflect their choice.

Their reward trip begins with a bucket-list style activity aligned with their chosen passion. Think Super Bowl tickets, celebrity chef classes or a VIP pass for an iconic concert. Next, participants are treated to a luxury concierge shopping experience related to their chosen passion.

Why go so big? Why so personal? We know you need more than a measly carrot to get results. Passion Pursuit creates buzz and excitement while letting your sales team work towards something that’s truly personal to them. Our flexible options and industry relationships ensure an unforgettable experience for your participants, all while fitting into your budget.

Let’s take sales incentives out of the box and power through your sales goals.

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